Why I Started a Podcast

There are several reasons, but mostly to train my scatterbrain and practice my soft skills

Why I Started a Podcast

It's not that I was bored. I had a bunch of projects on the side I am interested in working on. I still play Dota2. There's a whole lot of Netflix shows I still want to watch.

I guess the real reason is I want to improve my soft skills and friends. I am what you'd call a scatter brain - most of the time. Sure I tend to write meaningful sentences but that's only because I have time to organize my thoughts. But speaking is a different thing for me. If the listeners would hear the raw audio files, oh my god. I am all over the place. The final podcast product seems decent but only because I did a good enough job of editing it.

First Attempt

The first attempt was weird. I grabbed a friend at work and started out this podcast where we both talk about certain software development topics. What's funny about this is after three or four episodes we already ran out of topics. It wasn't working out.

Benefits of this New Style

This time I decided a different approach was needed. Instead of us thinking about topics, I thought I'd have some guests on the show and talk about them instead. The topic is all about them! This solves a couple of problems for me:

  1. I don't have to think about topics. - The guests will do it for me.
  2. My shows will have farther reach. The shows will have a guarantee of 1 listener. That would be the guest. Of course there's a good chance somebody from their network will also be interested. A parent, spouse or maybe an ex.  You get the idea.
  3. Excuse to reconnect with friends. - If anything, this alone is a good reason to start a podcast.
  4. Excuse to meet new people. - Grow your network! This will pay in the future.
  5. Learn new things. - We can learn so much from other people's personal, genuine experiences.

On top of all that, I get to promote my wife's website, kusinanidotek.com as fake sponsor.

Hopefully in the future, real sponsors would want to pay for some of my episodes. That would be nice but not really my main motivation.

If I would put this in a vision/mission thing, I would say my Mission is to improve my soft skills, and my Vision is to spread awareness to pinoy software developers of stuff that I think is important. Things like real personal experiences software developers can share so we may all learn and benefit from them. Some juicy tidbits in there as well such as salaries and compensations - of course only when appropriate to reveal.


My schedule to release is on every Monday mornings.

I post the episodes on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

If I get a certain number of episodes out, I will start looking into podcasting platforms like Spotify or Stitcher and friends and upload the episodes there for discoverability. 

For now it's hosted in my website jfaquinojr.com/podcast or pinoydevs.com/podcast

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