Turn Your e-books Into AudioBooks

How to convert your ebooks into mp3s for free

I love podcasts. I like to have them on the background while doing some mindless activity like jogging or commuting. I listen to them at 2X speed so I can absorb as much information faster. I love them so much I even started one

I also love books. But reading books, unlike listening to podcasts, demands your full attention. Finishing a book requires two things.

1. It must hold your interest and/or curiosity.
2. You have enough time to spare in a day.

I don't have a solution to #1 but I do have a solution to #2.

In a nutshell - audiobooks. 

"But I already purchased the ebook, are you saying I should also buy the audiobook?"

Heck no. Let me show you how I convert my ebooks into audiobooks, or more specifically, into mp3s. For free.

The underlying technology is basically text-to-speech and the resulting audio is somewhat perfect for my taste, but YMMV. 

Before I show you, let me first say that I tried several tools out there (some paid apps and/or subscription), but there's something about them that I don't like. Maybe they're just a bit too janky for me or a bit too pricey. 

This is Balabolka.

To be honest, I just did a quick google search, found Balabolka, installed it, and it worked like a charm. 

I didn't really need to check other apps at all. 

It met all my requirements. 

Load ebook, extract mp3, done.

On the left you see the app running on Windows, with "Finish What You Start" ebook loaded.

You can download Balabolka here.

Now all I have to do is copy it to my phone, load my favorite mp3 player, put my headset on and start running or take a nap (yes, I  also sleep to podcast/audiobooks).

Btw, my favorite mp3 player is AIMP. Another app made in Russia, just like Balabolka.


Do you use another free app or have an easier flow to do the same thing? I would love to find out. Let me now in the comments below or hit me an email jfaquinojr@gmail.com.



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