Señor Developer

I am Jojo.

I have 20 years of experience in building software.

I am Jojo.

I have 20 years of experience in building software.

Let's build your dream app. Together.



Hey I have a podcast

Discover the lives and careers of software developers in the Philippines


Sample Podcast Episodes

Wendel Nuevas

Wendel just moved to Helsinki, Finland to work as a Senior Software Engineer. He has some great tips on how to get a job anywhere in the world!

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Christine Peradilla

Tin talks about her experience in a new role as Lead Software Developer.   Her company is hiring and she drops valuable insider tips on passing the job interview process.

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Prerana Jinesh

Prerana Jinesh is a vegan and a successful Salesforce developer. From India, to Philippines, and now Australia - and she is just getting started. 

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Carlo Matriano

Carlo Matriano drops value bombs in this episode. If you're an aspiring tech entrepreneur or just curious how he started his companies, listen now

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Why I Started a Podcast

There are several reasons, but mostly to train my scatterbrain and practice my soft skills

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If you want to change the stock login page of Piranha CMS to one of your own, this post might help you.